Our offer T0, T1, T2, T3

Norkom production SA has developed and is manufacturing two proprietary watches that are being marketed under the UCS and Superkids brands.
This experience allows Norkom production SA to serve the watch industry as a highly qualified subcontractor with comprehensive expertise. We offer you :

  • Requirements analysis from a technical perspective to define needs, individual process steps, agreed objectives, and quality benchmarks.


  • T0: Assembly of cases.


  • T2: Handsetting with a latest-generation HSM1708 Lecureux machine. The press-fit force of each hand is measured to assure consistent setting. A video camera performs a parallelism check that completes the process.


  • T2: An automatic Seiler TMA machine sizes the winding stems and attaches the crowns. A laser-based length measurement of the stem/crown ensemble guarantees accuracy to ±0.02 mm.


  • T2: Casing is performed at workstations with laminar flow.


  • T3: Air/water-resistance and strap/bracelet attachment
Chronographe UCS rose (ETA G10.212)
  • Further equipment procured or developed by us round out our scope of services.

  • T1: Our interventions are limited to the replacement of date discs and the assembly of rotors. We handle more complex work in collaboration with a partner company specialized in the movements.