The activities of this workshop are aimed at maintaining social skills, strengthening personal resources, as well as a progressive training of the computer tool.

1. Measurement of mechanical parts

  • Computerized workstations, equipped with electronic measurement means to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts of measurement and production.

  • Objectives, knowledge development and control of productive capacity.

2. Job search

  • Framing looking for a job.
  • Creation of the complete professional file (CV, letter of motivation, certificates).

  • Objectives, stimulate and keep the person in the economic reality.

3. Fun technical activities

  • Reflexion, various learning, specific needs of the person.

  • Fun learning of various computer tools :
    • Letter creation
    • Photo workshop
    • Ultra-short films
    • Using Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere software
    • Website development with Joomla
    • Flyer creation or other marketing objects
    • Upgrading general knowledge (math, languages, ...)

  • Objectives, approach to the computer tool, reflections and specific learning.